PULSAQUA was founded in January 2019 as a onewomens business by me, Sandra de Vries. I am a Water Management engineer, experienced in project set-up and management, citizen science research methods and connecting science to policy and people. I aim to work with people interested to reach a certain goal, using citizen science methods. I do this in a creative way, not immediately taking the obvious and straightforward route, resulting in surprising and up-beat projects.

Topics of knowledge include:

  • Water-related sustainable development goals (SDG) monitoring
  • Mangrove conservation
  • Fieldwork for hydrology purposes
  • Green infrastructure in the urban environment
  • Environmental problems related to water-management
    • Plastic waste in the fresh-water system
    • Groundwater over-abstraction
  • And of course, citizen science

If you would like to know more, I refer to my LinkedIn account and/or my CV. Please feel free to get in contact any time.