Creating Citizen Science projects

Citizen Science is a fast upcoming method for research, monitoring and citizen participation in the water sector. However, creating such citizen science projects is often much more complicated then foreseen. And you have only one chance to do it right, and not disappoint the citizens you want to involve. We therefore advise and assist in creating such a citizen science project.

We can deliver:

  • Feasibility study to advise whether a citizen science project concerning your water-related issue or research question is feasible.
  • Project set-up, including:
    • Fieldwork methodology and manual development
    • Stakeholder mapping, in order to a.o. define the best public to involve as citizen scientists
    • Making a communication and engagement plan (including feedback of results, fora, visualizing data, etc.)
    • Training of the citizens

Giving Citizen Science Workshops

Of course, if your organization is interested in more then just 1 citizen science project, you might want to consider learning about citizen science, and how to implement and develop projects. We therefore offer masterclasses or workshops, customizable to your wishes. For example:

  • An introductory class about: What is Citizen Science, the benefits of Citizen Science, when to apply it, and a small window into the how of it all. This could be for about 1 or 2 hours.
  • A workshop applicable to a water issue you have in mind, which we will use as a case study to go through the process of designing a citizen science project. This ranges from half a day to two days, depending on your wishes.
  • A short course citizen science desing process. If you are interested in a completely tailored and full understanding of all aspects and facets of citizen science.