Our services

PULSAQUA advises on citizen science (CS) use, creates CS (monitoring) projects and delivers environmental impact assessments together with citizen scientists. We help NGO’s, government agencies and industries to track and monitor specific desired changes that society needs to go through, together with that same society.  For information about our current and previous projects and deliverables, please have a look at the Portfolio page.

Our services for the sustainability of the globe have for now been directed to the themes:

Development of Citizen Science projects

Developing Citizen Science projects Citizen Science is a fast upcoming method for research, monitoring, and citizen participation in the water and environment sector. However, creating

Deploying Citizen Science for impact

Citizen Science is still under development, and many aspects are therefore still to be deployed. PULSAQUA is working on different innovative uses of citizen science

Improve performance of Citizen Science projects

Evaluate and improve For existing citizen science projects and communities, it is important to evaluate whether the project or community is reaching its goals and


Welcome to PULSAQUA! Through its independent citizen science, research, and consultancy PULSAQUA helps build a sustainable world, leading the field when it comes to water-related environmental problems where society is involved. With our citizen science and water management expertise, we


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Here, I will keep you updated on what I am working on, or what has attracted my attention, or which cool (international) citizen science projects are out there which I am testing.