Citizen Science is still under development, and many aspects are therefore still to be deployed. PULSAQUA is working on different innovative uses of citizen science data and initiatives and offers services using the acquired expertise in the field:

  1. PULSAQUA has been working on the data interoperability of different citizen science projects and/or more custom data series. Data interoperability is the capacity to which data can be analyzed and/or merged with similar data. Data interoperability relies on data standards, data documentation, and metadata to indicate to researchers which data sets or variables are comparable.
  2. Cooperation between stakeholders and different citizen science initiatives is key to enable a higher impact of the different initiatives and projects. We deliver stakeholder analysis, mapping, and assistance on how to increase cooperation to reach your goals.
  3. Combining the use of satellite data together with citizen science data strengthens both data sources and enables more innovative solutions for environmental issues. PULSAQUA has experience on enabling citizen science to strengthen and improve earth observation products for better use in environmental research and innovation.
  4. Applying and deploying citizen science data for environmental impact assessments, perhaps in combination with other data sources and/or hotspot analysis and fieldwork.

We at PULSAQUA are always open to explore and investigate different ways of innovation and application of citizen science in combination with other techniques, methods, and sources. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any not mentioned requests.