PULSAQUA is looking for interns!  

Are you interested in working at a start-up on topics concerning innovation, environmental issues, water, science communication and citizen science, then we are in search of you!

Communication and marketing

As intern communication and marketing, you will help to (1) improve and maintain the communication strategy of PULSAQUA, to ensure general communication with partners, clients, and relations via the website, social media, and other channels, assist with (2) communication and outreach within projects that PULSAQUA is working on, assist with (3) the new Podcast Show that PULSAQUA is launching: The Science Citizens Podcast and (4) help to market and develop hands-on workshops and excursions to the right audience, by among others creating flyers, posters, manuals and designing a marketing strategy. More information.

Data specialist

As intern that works on data, you will:

  • Help create data maintenance and analysis strategy for PULSAQUA
  • Help with research concerning data interoperability within citizen science methods and initiatives.
  • Research data produced by the Drinkable Rivers community. For more information go here.

Furthermore, you will get a peak in the ins and outs of a starting company and pick-up real entrepreneurship skills.

PULSAQUA is part of the WaterLab Citizen Science Platform of the TU Delft, where we assist in advising scientists, companies and citizens to develop citizen science projects. WaterLab is a consortium between the TU Delft Science Centre, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, the Delfland Waterboard and PULSAQUA. As a citizen science platform we combine our strengths to enable an environment where citizen science opportunities can grow and flourish. 

PULSAQUA is a partner of the WaterLab Citizen Science Platform

PULSAQUA is furthermore a member of the UNESCO Flagship Initiative Global Water Museums Network, where we advise the network as a member of the Advisory Committee. 

As a start-up in the VPdelta start-up portfolio, where they support start-ups in many different ways to give them a flying start and connect them with potential clients, we have good connections to the Dutch water sector.