Alle Scholen Verzamelen 2023

Primary Schools throughout the Netherlands
Sandra de Vries

PULSAQUA will coordinate the 2023 and 2024 edition of Alle Scholen Verzamelen (ASV). With ASV, schools across the Netherlands participate in and contribute to an actual research project from a Dutch university. Every year, ASV focuses on a new topic is. In 2023, the topic will be 'Microplastic in your Clothing'.

'Plastic clothing' might sound a bit weird. However, more and more clothes are made either partially or entirely from a plastic fabric. And when we wash our plastic clothing, tiny parts of plastic are released into the water. Since this is a relatively new research area, there are still a lot of questions to be answered about (micro)plastic clothing, and its relation with microplastics in water.

For ASV 2023, researchers from the University of Amsterdam (UVA) will examine data that is collected by children & schools to improve our knowledge on this topic! On November 7th 2023, schools throughout the Netherlands can contribute to this exciting research! Pre-registrations for schools are already open! You can sign up via this link!

Interested in the project? More information can be found on the website of wetenschapsknooppunten.nl. For specific questions, you can reach out to us via info@allescholenverzamelen.nl. Watch the video (in Dutch) to get an impression:


The Alle Scholen Verzamelen 2023 project contributes to the following SDGs:


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