Delft Measures

Sandra de Vries

The WaterLab (PULSAQUA, IHE Delft, & TU Delft Science Centre) have organized multiple editions of Delft Measures Rain. For 2023, we have decided to expand the project and rename it 'Delft Measures'. From 2023 onwards, citizen scientists will not only measure precipitation in Delft, but will also monitor parameters such as temperature, soil quality, and decomposition values. Just as in previous years, the collected data will be used by researchers and students from the TU Delft.

Delft Measures allows citizens in Delft to contribute to academic research at the TU Delft. With the data they collect, researchers and students can improve our understanding of (the variability of) rainfall, temperature, heat stress, etc. in urban areas. Moreover, participating in this project is also a very accessible way of learning more about climate adaptivity on a very local scale.

While Delft Measures is organized by the WaterLab, there are several other organizations involved in various stages of the project. See the list of partners at the end of this page.


The Delft Measures project contributes to the following SDGs:


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