Science Citizens

Sandra de Vries, Jesse Kamstra

In July 2022, PULSAQUA officially launched The Science Citizens. PULSAQUA founder Sandra de Vries came up with an idea to enable individual citizens to start their own monitoring project. Based on the experience of developing and overseeing many Citizen Science projects on all kinds of topics, PULSAQUA created multiple products and services that help people with the creation of their own monitoring initiative.

At the Science Citizens, everyone can learn about the basics of citizen Science. We give you an introduction into Citizen Science and monitoring through a free(!) e-book, specifically written to help people in their first steps towards a monitoring initiative. The Science Citizens also has a podcast, where you can listen to multiple experts discuss all things Citizen Science-related!

In addition the these free materials, the Science Citizens also offers tailored courses, which is designed to help people to deal with their specific challenges and questions about their own monitoring initiative.

Lastly, the Science Citizens organizes a monthly tour through Rotterdam, where we will test water quality, teach about the importance of water quality in the city, and answer the questions of participants. So even when you don't want to start your own monitoring initiative, the Science Citizens has something for you!

More information can be found on our website, or on our social media channels:


The Science Citizens project contributes to the following SDGs:


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