Shoreliner Rijkswaterstaat

In July 2022, PULSAQUA finalized its report about the Shoreliner for Rijkswaterstaat. The Shoreliner is a system that is aimed at removing plastics out of rivers to prevent these plastics from entering the oceans. While the Shoreliner has been developed by Tauw, it has been used, monitored, and researched by various other organizations, ranging from municipalities to educational institutions. Because of the involvement of many different actors, the knowledge that has been collected about the Shoreliner was relatively fragmented among these actors. Additionally, the amount of plastic waste that was actually caught by the Shoreliner at its three most recent locations (Strijensas, Numansdorp, Stellendam) by the Shoreliner was relatively limited.

PULSAQUA was asked to address both of these issues by a) collecting and synthesizing the available data and information from the different partners and b) identifying relevant knowledge gaps that need to be filled in order to understand why the Shoreliner was not able to catch plastic at its three most recent locations. Lastly PULSAQUA also included  various recommendations that can help the partners improve functionality and effectivity of the Shoreliner.

The results of our research were presented to and discussed with involved partners at July 14th. This report will help the involved actors to determine if and how the they can continue with the Shoreliner to maximize its potential in the future.

The video below (Dutch only) gives you some basic information about the Shoreliner, and also touches upon some unanswered questions regarding the Shoreliner’s functionality.


The Shoreliner Rijkswaterstaat project contributes to the following SDGs:


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