Shoreliner Rijkswaterstaat

Since January 2022, PULSAQUA has been examining the Shoreliner, a system that is aimed at monitoring and catching floating plastics that flow to the oceans through rivers.

The Shoreliner is a system that is aimed at removing plastics out of rivers to prevent these plastics from entering the oceans. The Shoreliner is developed by Tauw. Since October 2021, the Shoreliner is located in the port of Stellendam in South Holland. PULSAQUA is tasked with examining the Shoreliner’s efficiency and effectiveness in monitoring and catching plastics. Through studying available sources and connecting with relevant actors, PULSAQUA will create an overview of the current knowledge of the Shoreliner. This knowledge overview will help the involved actors, such as Rijkswaterstaat and local municipalities, to gain new insights in the Shoreliner system. Moreover, this overview can be very useful in determining how the Shoreliner can and should be used in the future in order to maximize its potential.

The insights that are developed and summarized by PULSAQUA will add to our existing knowledge about plastic consumption and the transport of plastics through rivers. These new insights can be beneficial in addressing multiple SDGs, such as 'Clean water and Sanitation' and 'Life below water'.

The Shoreliner at its current location in Stellendam, February 2022


The Shoreliner Rijkswaterstaat project contributes to the following SDGs:


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