Vliet Clean (S)up

This summer PULSAQUA joined the Vliet Clean (S)up (https://naarbuitenleiden.nl/clean-sup/) to test two citizen science Microplastic monitoring methods for fresh surface waters. The methods can be used to take samples in for example canals, rivers, and lakes, while on a SUP (Stand Up Paddling).

We build the trawls (both DIY version and the robust and more reliable version) and tested them before the Vliet Clean Sup that took place in the last week of August 2021. Then we used, demonstrated and tested the methods to take samples all along the Vliet Clean Sup route between Leiden and Delft, together with Dutch scouting kids. It took 4 days in total. We are currently working on the results of the research and monitoring.


The Vliet Clean (S)up project contributes to the following SDGs:


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