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The Science Citizens Podcast is the podcast for the citizen science enthusiast AND critic! With this podcast, I will take you on a journey along the landscape of environmental science, meeting its citizens and uncovering its secrets. Just after I finalized my studies on Water Resources Management, I started a small assignment where I was asked to investigate a failed citizen science project to measure rainfall. And, yes, how weird it might sound to you, this failed project made me fall in love with citizen science. I realized how much you can do when science becomes cooperation between many different people that can all bring something to the party. You can unlock such high potentials, with the force to make changes and find previously hidden solutions.

Now, at least 5 years later, I still think it is a wonderful thing to work together with such a diversity of people that all work towards the same goal! So much even that I started my own company PULSAQUA, enabling me to work on citizen science every day to help solve environmental issues.

What I discovered is that citizen science, with all its potential, has yet to overcome quite some challenges and obstacles when applied in environmental sciences. Some of these are practical, financial, or fundamental. But other challenges are more due to ethical differences, controversies concerning science, data, and the philosophy behind participation.

In this podcast I therefore aim to discuss the more philosophical, ethical, and controversial sides of citizen science, while demonstrating its potential use as well as the available tools. I will do this by joining as citizen scientist in environmental observatories and research projects, talk to experts and explore the boundaries of this landscape. Listen to the podcast and join me on this journey!