Facilitated a workshop on citizen science in health


Although I in general focus on environmental health, this time I was asked to facilitate a workshop for Stichting Crispatus (https://crispatus.org/). They are working towards funding at ZonMw (https://www.zonmw.nl/nl/subsidies/openstaande-subsidieoproepen/detail/item/citizen-science-voor-gezondheid-en-zorg/) for a citizen science project that will research the possibilities for a probiotic product to help vaginal issues.

The workshop was together with potentially interested citizen scientists and partner organizations, to identify their interests, ideas, and perspectives related to the issue they would aim to research and tackle. The aim is to involve the interested participants throughout the whole process, implementing extreme citizen science, to make the research completely theirs.

I facilitated the workshop using among others creative brainstorming methods; see below the collage poster the participants were making.


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