Interviewed by LIFE Critical about 'Heel Wielwijk Meet'

Jordy Janssen

In a recent interview with LIFE Critical, Sandra discussed the crucial role of citizen science in climate adaptation initiatives. As part of the LIFE program, LIFE Critical aims to enhance climate resilience by actively involving local citizens in the efforts.

The project that Sandra highlighted is called 'Heel Wielwijk Meet' and takes place in Wielwijk, a neighborhood in Dordrecht. The project focuses on harnessing the potential of nearby parks for climate adaptation, aiming to address the specific challenges faced by the community through citizen engagement. Sandra emphasized the significance of empowering residents to actively participate in shaping their neighborhood and overcoming past setbacks. By involving the community in citizen science initiatives, individuals gain valuable insights into climate change, comprehend its consequences, and actively contribute to positive change.

The innovative approach in Wielwijk revolves around proactively involving citizens and fostering co-ownership. Recognizing that community support is crucial for successful implementation, the program allows residents the freedom to choose the measurements they want to work on. This personalized citizen science approach fosters a sense of ownership and dedication among participants, enabling them to address climate adaptation challenges they genuinely care about.

The impact of the LIFE Critical program extends beyond Wielwijk, with another city, Greater Horton in Bradford, England, also participating in the initiative. This project has attracted interest from seven cities across Europe, including participation from cities like Ghent in Belgium and Bergen in The Netherlands. Through collaboration and sharing of knowledge, the program aims to disseminate results widely and foster replication of successful approaches.

By combining scientific expertise with the active involvement of local communities, these projects create a collaborative framework to tackle the challenges posed by the climate crisis. It emphasizes the power of collective action and the importance of working together to adapt to the changing climate conditions that affect us all.


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