Not just one, but two of our projects discussed in Delftmatters

Jordy Janssen

In an article of the TU Delft magazine Delftmatters, a couple of the projects in which PULSAQUA is involved in through the WaterLab were discussed in the context of Citizen Science. The magazine is curated for the TU Delft for Life community consisting of alumni, students, scientists and employees. The article will definitely help to put both Citizen Science and the WaterLab on the map among the scientific community in Delft.

Sandra talked for a bit about the topic and was quoted as saying that it is 'a great way of sparking people’s enthusiasm for science.' The article zoomed in on two schoolgirls participating in Spot the Hotspot with their self-made microtrawler. Furthermore, the project Delft Measures Rain (called Delft Measures from 2023 on) was mentioned and associate professor Marie-Claire ten Veldhuis commented on possible applications of the results.


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