PULSAQUA launches the Science Citizens!

Jesse Kamstra

In July 2022, PULSAQUA officially launched the ‘Science Citizens’! At the Science Citizens, we created a wide variety of materials that will help people start their own monitoring initiative. We offer live workshops, an e-course, a free (!) e-book, a live tour through Rotterdam and much more! These products and services are specifically designed to assist people in developing their own monitoring initiative. Whether you want to monitor water quality, plastic pollution, or something else, our workshops and courses got you covered. And we don’t stop there; while monitoring and collecting data is great, we also want you to create awareness and attention with your initiative. That’s why we also extensively cover this separate challenge in some of our products and services!

6 July 2022: PULSAQUA officially presents the Science Citizens to its partners, friends, and colleagues.

A first tour Rotterdam, where we tested the water quality of different water systems in the city has already taken place, you can read about it here (Dutch only).

If you are interested, visit the Science Citizens website! And also check out our socials!


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