PULSAQUA moves to BlueCity and grows!


At the start of 2022 PULSAQUA moved to the BlueCity in Rotterdam and grew with two additions to the team.

As part of the Blue Citizens, PULSAQUA will be able to invest better in its circular economy goals. BlueCity is an example city for the circular economy: a city within the city of Rotterdam where entrepreneurial-minded people meet each other and develop concrete actions, whether it is about increasing their impact, zero waste, or developing a future-proof material. BlueCity is housed in the previous tropical swimming paradise known as Tropicana, and only that already makes it a special place. Furthermore, all other companies and pioneers that are part of the community are a huge inspiration, and, let's be honest, the location along the Meuse isn't bad either.


an inspiration!

Next to a move to this beautiful new office space, we welcomed two new assets to the team. Happy to announce that Jesse Kamstra has joined PULSAQUA as Society & Sustainability Specialist, and Jordy Janssen is doing an internship with us to analyze the impact resulting from the project Delft Measures Rain. More information about them can be found here.

Left to right: Sandra, Jesse, and Jordy, in the BlueCity, with on the background the River Meuse.

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