Thijs joins PULSAQUA

Jesse Kamstra

PULSAQUA has a new member: Thijs van Dijk!

Thijs is a fourth year student Industrial Product Design at the Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences).

For his bachelor's thesis, Thijs will work on a DIY-kit to measure various water-quality related parameters. One of the biggest challenges of designing this device, is that it should be easy to understand and use for everyone, even for people without background knowledge. Additionally, the device becomes much more useful if the data that it collects can also be used for further data analysis and research. This way, the product is useful for scientists/researchers, while it also allows lay people to learn about both water quality and sensors. Through this product, we want to make it easier for people to take measurements, but also to get in touch with Citizen Science as a whole.


Het Brouwershuys, Linker Rottekade 292
3034 CV Rotterdam, The Netherlands

+31 6 22413966