We are looking for an intern Storytelling and impact analysis


Are you interested in working at a start-up on topics concerning rainfall, blue-green measures, science communication, storytelling, and citizen science, then we are searching for you!

As an intern you will:

  • Identify an impact measurement research plan using the storytelling approach.
  • Use the storytelling approach to interview a certain percentage of the participants of Delft Measures Rain.
  • Research the impact of the project on the participants concerning among others green-blue measures.

Next to the above, you will get a peak in the ins and outs of a starting company and pick-up real entrepreneurship skills.

Requirements for the Position

We are looking for someone:

  • That also is passionate about improving the state of our environment
  • That likes to bridge the gap between experts and the public
  • With proficiency in English and Dutch
  • At least university-level. The internship should be relevant to your study, either because it relates to for example the field of science communication or environmental sciences

It’s a pre if you are:

  • Interested in storytelling methods
  • A creative and social person
  • Familiar with transcribing video’s, editing video’s using simple editing programs, interviewing people.

Good to consider is that you will be working within a small company, but with many partners. It is good to be able to keep an overview of all these stakeholders and interests.

Duration of the internship and other important information

This internship is probably suitable for about 3 months or more, but PULSAQUA is open for any duration options. We need someone as soon as possible.

We offer a monthly salary of €250 a month, which includes €50 traveling expenses a month.

PULSAQUA holds office at the Rotterdam Airportplein 22, 3045AP, Rotterdam. You will be able but not obliged to work here at the office at least 2 days a week, with the possibility to work there 5 days a week, using a flex desk.  


PULSAQUA advises on citizen science (CS) practices, develops CS (monitoring) projects and delivers Environmental Impact Assessments together with Citizen Scientists and their resulting data. We help NGO’s, government agencies and industries to track and monitor specific desired changes that society needs to undergo, together with society. We aim to improve the state of our environment by assisting projects that aim to solve water-related issues. PULSAQUA is a start-up owned by Sandra de Vries. Projects we work on can be found here.

PULSAQUA often deploys projects together with the TU Delft Citizen Science platform WaterLab (www.onderzoekwater.nl). In the past months, the citizens of Delft have been measuring the rainfall together, in the project Delft Measures Rain. At the end of October this project will come to an end, but we would like to research the impact this project had on its participants: the citizen scientists. And we would like to use a storytelling approach for this.


Blue City Building, Maasboulevard 100,
3063NS Rotterdam, The Netherlands

+31 6 22413966