We welcome our expanded team with open arms!

Jordy Janssen

After initial introductions last week, our expanded team got right to work. All three of them have very different specialties, and by adding their expertise to PULSAQUA we can improve our Citizen Science projects on the technological, scientific, ánd community level! Say hi to Grace Saville, Niek van der Winden, and Camille Janssen:

Read more about what they will do at PULSAQUA on our About page. Last Friday, Sandra took them to the 'Mayors for a Drinkable Meuse' event to introduce them to one of our affiliated programs, Drinkable Rivers. During this event, the mayors of towns along the river Meuse came together to emphasize the importance of a liveable and swimmable river as the precursor to a truly drinkable one.

They joined a tour of the Eiland van Brienennoord in Rotterdam, where a park ranger described ecological details about the island and the Maas surrounding it. Grace: "For example, any fallen or pruned trees and bushes are not disposed of, but allowed to decompose on the forest floor, which helps with biodiversity. Afterwards, there was an outdoor borrel and opportunities to network. It was a surprising but interesting first day of work!"


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