Stand-alone workshops for citizen scientists

PULSAQUA is developing workshops for citizens that want to learn how to measure, observe and understand their own environment. Citizen scientist often are part of a project or community. However, what if they are interested to explore and discover their environment on their own, perhaps to answer their own personal research questions, or to understand what they experience and see around them?

In that case, we will offer short workshops in the following categories:

  1. making your own (low-cost) measurement equipment, using for example DIY techniques and the IoT
  2. testing and using measurement equipment, exploring the outside water bodies or the infrastructure of your house
  3. understanding your local environment and installing continuous equipment

Currently we are developing the following themes and corresponding workshops/excursions:

  • Water in your garden
    • Measure infiltration capacity and possibilities for a green garden!
    • Groundwater levels and how to find them. Learn how to install your own groundwater gauge in your garden.
    • Measure the rainfall to know if your plants need water! How do you make your own rain gauge, install it and record and interpret measurements?
  • Water in your polder and city
    • Join us and discover how to measure whether the canals, channels, and ditches are healthy and safe to swim in, for the plants and animals in the water, and perhaps even for drinking it!
    • We will explore the flows of water, tracking the route of a single waterdrop, to understand how we keep our feet dry and where the water you see all around you comes from and where it is going.
  • Pollution
    • What is plastic doing in our environment and how can I collect data to show how polluted my environment/street/park is? Understand the problem and learn how to capture and record the immensity of the issue.
    • How about the air quality of my street and city? Find out how to measure this and make your own equipment.
    • Is the tap water in my house good enough for drinking? Measure your own tap water during this workshop!

More coming soon!